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About Us

PASSION. It's in everything we do. Within every turn of a screw. Every hole drilled. Every knuckle bloodied. It's what makes us Unique. From the assembly line workers to the R&D engineers, we all share a common bond tougher than steel. Forged of sweat and raw determination. It's a commitment to make the best retro VINTAGE cabriolets and buggies.

Ningbo Century EVA Motors Co., LTD headquarters in Pontypridd, England & Wales, UK with a factory "CENTURY EVA MOTORS CO., LTD." based in Ningbo China, designs, engineers, manufactures and markets on-road buggies (VINTAGE) & electric vehicles (EVANGEL-under development), as well as related parts and accessories. The company markets its products through a network of independent dealers located throughout the world. EMBUGGY the company brand with its sub-brands VINTAGE & EVANGEL we live by every day. It's what separates us from all the rest. It's what makes EVA MOTORS priceless. The EMBUGGY & VINTAGE are quickly becoming recognized and respected names (logos) in the buggy industry. We enjoy our hard fought success and strive to grow larger and larger.

EMBUGGY was created by industry veterans (all 10+ years) to capture pent-up demand for these unique products and improve upon them. EMBUGGY has now crafted a fun, functional, and affordable street-legal vehicle. Our VINTAGE brand buggy is known and popular in France, and we have already received great interest from the rest of Europe and Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We currently have no direct competition in this niche category, and neither will you as the exclusive distributor for your territory!

What else sets EMBUGGY apart from potential competitors? Rapid production of new styles and plenty of accessories are on offer. What’s more, like you, we know and understand the end-user – what they want, how to make it, and how to tell them about it. In these ways EMBUGGY is your ideal partner.



Passion in each Nut and Bolt