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The costs of any deliveries shall be borne by The Distributor.

A pre-requirement for the warranty is that the Goods are operated and serviced in accordance with the Supplier’s instructions.

If during the warranty period, faults occur in the delivered Goods, the Distributor should consider if it meets the warranty conditions, then the Distributor should inform the Supplier in writing of his proposal.

The Distributor is obliged immediately in writing to inform the Supplier about all occurring faults.

Constructors Conditions of Guarantee

The Constructors Guarantee is conditional with the strict adherence to the conditions stated below. It is necessary that all recommended servicing is carried out utilizing original EVA Motors parts.

Service Guarantee

The Distributor must carry out all prescribed maintenance and servicing.

The Supplier offers a warranty for a Vintage buggy with Guaranteed Parts.

Parts are covered in accordance with the conditions of guarantee, as specified below.

Guaranteed Parts

6 months warranty (10,000 KM) on the full buggy.

Provide that the buggy is not registered within the first 3 months of arrival, the warranty goes from 24 months to 21 months and so on can deduce the rest.

EVA MOTORS is willing to give all the necessary parts to the distributor in order to maintain all the VINTAGE buggy sold around the world.

Non-Guaranteed Parts

Any defects which are not attributable to the materials or workmanship of the manufacturer.

Use of the road buggies on off public roads.

Change of parts as a result of an accident and collision.

Replacement of parts due to mis-use or abuse of vehicle.

Replacement of parts due to being submersed in water.

Any work should the buggy have been repaired by others than the distributors or its dealers.

Change of parts with non conforming tools have been used on the vehicle.

Any work should the buggy have non conforming parts fitted.

Any work where the buggy is known to have been used with weight in excess of the recommended limit of 300kgs, or any lower legal limits as per the jurisdiction the vehicle has been operated in.

Any work where the buggy has been used in a race, competition, or any illegal use.

Any work where the buggy has been modified without permission, e.g. delimiting power or increasing the engine performance.

Any work which is the result of poor storage, e.g. humidity, sun, cold, dirt.

Any work where non conforming parts have been used.

Consumables Parts, Wear and Tear items and Liquids (not guaranteed).

Consumables: Spark Plugs, oil filters, air filters, brake pads, brake discs, brake calipers, gear box, clutch discs, battery, lights, bulbs, fuses, shock absorbers, flexible tubes, hoses, seals.

Wear and tear Items: Seats, suspension system, windscreen, mirrors, tyres, exhaust pipe, catalytic, starter, electrical relays, nuts and bolts.

Liquids: Lubrication, motor oil, gear box oil, grease, acids, coolant and brake liquids

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