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Customer Feedback After Testing 6 Vintage Buggy

View: 293601/28/2016  


One of our customers received our 6 vintage buggies days ago to have a test. Today he gives us a video about our buggy driving on road.

"I ordered six buggies to have a test. You know, no one can know its value until you really drive it on road. It's not easy for a new product to march into the market, especially for a vehicle. There is no doubt that its apperance is very attractive, a 1960s' Volkswagen buggy style. Then the performance is what I am worried about. Besides the driving experience, another crucial point is the safety. Whether it is a safety buggy. Different from a car, a buggy doesn't have a very good safety system, so the brake system is very important. I told Embuggy the importance of it and it proves that they did very well. Whatever I think this Vintage buggy will refresh the market."

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